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美航PT史詩炎爆術,美巡確認增強 美巡春天來臨,德國頂級H41確認……

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  Q. Why do you hate the Pensacola so much? Why do you make her so unplayable?


  A. No, she's like the other US heavy cruisers and should be competitive with Japanese, German and, later, Soviet opponents. Not so long ago, we gave US tier 8-10 ships a better chance to bounce shells. We still plan to add something new that should impact positively ships like the Pensacola and New Orleans. Stay tuned.


  Q. In the developers' diaries, there was some information about German BB's. Could you tell me what project H ship do you intend to release as the tier 10 Grossdeutschland German BB? A lot of players expect the H-44, Germans are not the only ones who like Wunderwaffen [Superweapons].


  A. It'll be the H-41, if I recall correctly. In any case, it won't be the H-44, it's a little too much. More exactly, A LITTLE TOO MUCH.



  Q. When will be able to view armor thickness on ships in port and will it be possible to check guns and ammo penetration values in port?


  A. It's our next big task to make the game more user-friendly.


  Q. BB's in this game can tank damage pretty well : great firepower, five possible repairs, thick armor. On the other hand, BB's have the longest firing range in the game, which leads to many BB players not wanting to tank and camping in the back, firing from max range. Please explain how developers see BB's role in a battle? Moreover, there are big disparities between the main features of each ship of this class (in particular in terms of gameplay). Is it a tribute to realism or is it a little bit more complex than that?


  A. Piercing the defense and bringing firepower for greater goals. BB's who stay at maximum range are useless to their team. The same can be said of the ones who charge in and fall under focused fire. BB's features are based on reality but in game realities are always more important to us.


  Q. Why isn't total damage shown in team results [at the end of a battle]?

  Why isn't total damage shown in detailed statistics ?


  A. Because it's missing. It will be added alongside other improvements to the after battle stats.


  Q. Why does the spotter plane only increase range, and not accuracy?


  A. What do you mean by accuracy? If you mean salvo accuracy [dispersion], the spotter plane cannot in any way affect it. If you mean shooting accuracy, it all depends on the player, how he will lead and aim.

  The spotter plane simply allows to fire farther, "highlighting" targets at a distance where ship instruments cannot. This is logical from a gameplay standpoint, as well as a historical standpoint

  A:你說的精度是咩啊?如果你說散佈的話,水偵怎麼可能影響這個呢? 如果你說這一輪是打飛還是命中,那是玩家炮術的問題。

  水偵單純允許攻擊更遠目標,在艦上觀測設備做不到的情況下“標記”目標,這很歷史 。

  以下為pt服2測部分結果 均為情報組成員親測 感謝@1he1ap @Lt_Apollo @中國哥薩克

  版本說明里的 將把手動投彈范圍改成自動投彈范圍 并未實裝

  此傷害測試對象為大和 供參考

  中途島被炸會受到傷害 傷害多少圖中可見



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